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许老师 2017 华文 / 高级华文补习班




Venue:Tuition classroom in Tampines

Miss Koh’s contact number: 9030 7718

Website: www.misskohtuition.com

*Limited vacancies available!

*High quality tuition at reasonable and affordable rates!

If you are looking for a highly educated, highly qualified and truly experienced Chinese tutor who possesses REAL impressive excellent teaching credentials to:

  1. help your child to gain interest and confidence in mastering Chinese / Higher Chinese

  2.  help your child to pass Chinese / Higher Chinese exams

  3. help your child to further  improve in his / her  Chinese / Higher Chinese results

  4. further stretch your child’s learning potential for the learning of Chinese / Higher Chinese



Miss Koh is highly educated, highly qualified in Chinese teaching, truly experienced and possesses REAL impressive excellent teaching credentials. If your child needs help in learning Chinese/Higher Chinese from a truly reliable and highly experienced Chinese teacher with REAL impressive excellent teaching credentials, contact Miss Koh now to enrol your child in Miss Koh’s Chinese / Higher Chinese tuition classes! Your child will definitely benefit under the teaching of Miss Koh!

To see Miss Koh’s impressive profile, please see details as shown below:

Miss Koh’s profile

Miss Koh’s teaching background and teaching credentials:

1) An award recipient of the prestigious “Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award” -(全国模范华文教师奖)

2) Previously had taken on leadership roles in local schools as Head of Department (Mother Tongue Languages) and Level Head (Chinese Language)

3) An ex-MOE teacher who is truly experienced with many years of teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese in local schools

4) Excellent trend record of students getting A and A*

5) Well-versed in teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese at both primary school level and secondary school level – Miss Koh had previously taught at both local primary and secondary schools

6) Excellent knowledge and in-depth understanding of the existing Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabuses and Chinese and Higher Chinese exam format and structure of both primary school level and secondary school level – able to effectively guide primary school students and secondary school students through syllabuses and exams accordingly

7) Wealth of experience in teaching students of different abilities, able to effectively customise teaching and learning accordingly to the students’ learning needs and learning progress

8) Very strong in teaching methodologies and pedagogies

9) Excellent competency in Chinese curriculum planning and design – A distinct specialty of Miss Koh is that she would design and develop teaching and learning materials herself based on her wealth of experience in fully understanding the type of learning materials that would best address students’ learning needs effectively

10) Previously in schools, Miss Koh had the strong and consistent track record in leading and mentoring the Chinese department teachers to work on customised curriculum packages and teaching methodologies

11) Is highly educated and highly qualified in Chinese teaching

12) A highly nurturing, caring, patient and motivating teacher


Miss Koh’s education qualifications:

1) NUS, Master of Arts (Chinese Studies)
2) NTU – NIE, Bachelor of Arts (Education, Chinese Specialisation), Second Upper Honours Degree